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Wenatchee River Rafting

Wenatchee Whitewater Rafting & Kayaking

If you’re looking for great Washington whitewater rafting, then one of our Wenatchee river rafting trips is the adventure you want!

The Wenatchee River near Leavenworth is Washington’s most popular river featuring some of the best, most inviting rapids the state has to offer. The combination of great whitewater, warm temperatures, and beautiful scenery makes for a truly amazing river experience. Come experience Wenatchee river rafting with the best-trained, most experienced guides on the river! Browse and book your Wenatchee whitewater rafting trip online below. ↓

The Wenatchee River is Washington State’s most popular whitewater River.

River Recreation is proud to be one of the only outfitters to host our customers at our private on-river facility. Our Basecamp is only 20 minuets form Leavenworth, 45 minuets to Lake Chelan, and 15 minuets from Wenatchee.  We are based on the Wenatchee River because we love the Wenatchee River and its big waves!  Near Seattle, Everett, Spokane, and just outside of Leavenworth, we provide the best Washington whitewater rafting adventures that are also very family-friendly and perfect for first-timers while still offering a safe experience for those who cannot swim.  We simply love the mixture of the hot, sunny days, amazing scenery, and the great whitewater that the Wenatchee River is known for and offers to all who come out to experience it.  At River Recreation we have forty-one years of experience so we know that the Wenatchee River offers some of the best whitewater river rafting in the Northwest – period! Come join us on the Wenatchee River for rafting in Leavenworth which offers the absolutely best whitewater rafting in the Wenatchee valley. Near the Bavarian-themed town of Leavenworth, river rafting is just one of the many things to do near Leavenworth during the months of April through August.

The Wenatchee River whitewater rafting adventure is perfect for:
  • Corporate and company team-building events
  • Birthdays
  • Bachelor and Bachelorette
  • Families, family reunions, and family re-connection times (there is no internet on the river)
  • Children
  • Older adults
  • Young kids
Please remember, when it comes to river rafting on the Wenatchee River, Spring is wild, and summer is mild. The river is most adventurous in May thru early July and milder in July and August.