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Tieton River Whitewater Rafting

Great For All Levels • Private Rafts Available

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Private Raft

Challenge the Tieton with River Recreation

Catch excitement within a limited time! Tieton river rafting is at its swiftest during the month of September when the floodgates of Rimrock Lake open. As a result, the generally calm river transforms into a fast and furious course. During this month, the Tieton River boasts Class 3 and 4 rapids. Water movement that is rated in these tiers is widely known for high speeds and bumpy rides. In other words, Mother Nature has set up a mean coaster for rafters to challenge.

Are you and your friends brave enough to conquer what the mighty Tieton has to offer? Test your skills and let our experienced Washington whitewater rafting guides show you the way. Whether you’re a first-timer or a regular thrill-seeker, we let you experience the river to the fullest.

Every raft group is provided the proper equipment–including safety gear. On top of that, a seasoned guide will be with your group throughout the trip. Each of our guides is thoroughly trained and experienced in whitewater rafting, and we also make a point to teach vital techniques and calls that make your experience safe and enjoyable.