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All River Rafting & Kayaking Trips

Our tours are expertly guided by knowledgeable locals of the rivers cutting through the gorgeous majesty of the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. Witness the glory of Glacier Peak on the horizon as you raft through one of the most breathtaking natural places on Earth.

Choosing Your River Recreation Tour

If you’re a beginner or want to take your family on a rafting tour, our tour guides will take you down the highly popular Wenatchee River or the warm Tieton River for a leisurely whitewater rafting trip. Our more challenging river tours take on the Methow River and the Skykomish River near Seattle for the thrill seekers out there.

When is the Best Time to Whitewater Raft in Washington?

During the late Spring and Summertime, the water comes flowing down from Mount Baker-Snoqualmie and Mount Glacier at its highest rate. Not only does the warm weather produce a heavy flow, making for a quicker, more exhilarating rafting trip, but it also produces a more suitable temperature for getting splashed!

From April to September is always a great time to go rafting in Leavenworth, but the following two months are the best months to go:

  • May: As the Spring showers begin, the flowers of the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest begin to bloom in an array of vibrant colors, decorating the shores alongside your whitewater rafting trip in Leavenworth, WA.
  • August: The river will flow at full speed through the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, treating us to whitewater rapids rafting trips unparalleled in the state of Washington.

Preparing a Whitewater Rapids Rafting Trip

River Recreation provides some of the necessary items you’ll need to have a joyful time on the rapids of Washington. We give our riders lifejackets, oars, and helmets so that your safety is ensured.

However, you can prepare by having a light meal such as fruits and nuts at least a half hour before your rafting trip begins so you have enough energy to keep up the paddling. We also cannot stress enough a good night’s sleep so your acumen and focus are sharp enough to brave the high-energy, adrenaline-driving rapid rafting.

How Much Does it Cost to Go Whitewater River Rafting In Washington?

We offer four different packages for our trips. You can buy a single ticket on a raft for $94. If you and a friend or partner want to go on a private tour, sign up for our mini-raft adventure featuring a personal guide for $159 each. We also offer the mini raft tour for three people for $149 each. Lastly, you can rent a 7-person full-sized raft for $699.

Our River Trips

Wenatchee River Rafting

It’s time to see the state of Washington’s most popular whitewater rafting. Having entertained thrill seekers here for centuries, River Recreation will take you along this sacred river with all the tools and knowledge needed so that families, first-timers, and corporate teams can enjoy it with a bit of order and peace of mind.

When you’re done with your beautiful day on the river, head down to the Bavarian-themed town of Leavenworth for some quality beer at Muchen Haus Grill and Beer Garden. Learn more about our Wenatchee River rafting trips.

Methow River Rafting

Lacerating the valley of the Black Canyon, the Methow River stands out as one of the more challenging places to raft. It will leave you thoroughly exhausted and satiated, making it the perfect time to get off the rapids and into nearby Lake Chelan for a leisurely swim to end the day. Find out more about Methor River trips here.

Skykomish River Rafting

Close to the bustling city of Seattle, babbles the Skykomish River; though, babbling is likely an understatement. The Skykomish offers the most intense whitewater rafting experience we offer. You’ll find your adrenaline rushing and the water spraying with unrelenting vigor. Nothing is more satisfying than finishing up a rafting trip like this and getting out onto solid ground, feeling like you conquered the river—Discover Skykomish River rafting here.

Tieton River Rafting

This river is unique in that it’s both the warmest and fastest river in Washington. Join us for an action-packed adventure rafting the Tieton River and create a distinct memory the whole family will enjoy together. Learn more about rafting the Tieton here.

Specialty Trips

Rafting and Beer Tasting

River Recreation provides a whole-day experience, taking you for a delightful rafting escapade followed by a relaxing afternoon of beer tasting and trying out some of the local and imported beers Washington prides itself on curating. The Paddle & Pints package is excellent for people seeking a combination of an adventurous and leisurely affair that will satisfy you on all fronts. Book your rafting and beer-tasting trip here.

Rafting & Wine Tasting

Washington is known for its natural recreation sites and world-class wine produced on its fertile landscapes. River recreation will take you out for a comprehensive experience, giving you an exhilarating episode of whitewater rafting followed by a laidback, classy quest for the best wine around. Find out more about our Rafting & Wine Tasting package here.

Inflatable Kayak Adventure

Looking for a bit of extra control? Our inflatable kayaks give riders a more streamlined experience, enabling greater sway over a rider’s trajectory and speed. It’s a wild ride that gives even the most intense person the thrill they seek. Sign up for an inflatable kayak adventure here.

Training and Classes

Becoming a Captain of River Navigation

River Recreation offers training and classes to prepare them for the unpredictability a whitewater ride can throw at adventurers. We’ll train you on the basics or go as far as preparing you for the following:

We provide all the necessary resources it takes to become a wise master of the river. View our training classes and schedule here.

About River Recreation

Over forty years of experience have awarded us the title of Wahsington’s premier whitewater rafting organization. We are fully committed to giving people the most fun time possible while prioritizing safety so that all our customers are satisfied. Find out more about us.

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Contact River Recreation to get your trip started. We’ll show you Washington’s thrilling beauty, all with experts’ safety and professional guidance.

Your Next Adventure Trip in Washington: Crafted by Locals

River Recreation wants to take you on the whitewater rafting trip of a lifetime.

We expertly guide people on the most magical rivers Washington has to offer. From the Wenatchee River to the Skykomish, we know all the best places to go on an exhilarating exploration with safety at the top of mind so the whole family can enjoy it.