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Corporate Events

In Monitor, Washington

Corporate Events on the Wenatchee River

When your HR team is tasked with the responsibility of planning and managing a company-wide team-building activity, it’s likely there are going to be a few bumps in the road if they choose to do some solo planning. From figuring out the most fun and feasible activity to determining what the entire group will enjoy, it seems like there are dozens of considerations to keep in mind. River Recreation is more than happy to help you facilitate your team’s next bonding adventure in Washington. Learn more about how we can make your next corporate team-building event a huge success.


As a company leader, you’d like to provide your team members with an opportunity to foster positive and strong relationships with one another, maximize performance, and establish an inviting company culture. We want to help businesses big and small reach their goals, and there’s no better way to encourage camaraderie than a white rafting trip on the Wenatchee River. Our professional and friendly staff is equipped to usher your team into a new and exciting environment while encouraging them to collaborate under our guidance while strengthening their trust in each other.

We’re more than happy to share our private picnic spot on the banks of the Wenatchee, which includes umbrella-shaded tables for your comfort. Additionally, our basecamp includes two indoor changing rooms, free WiFi, restrooms, and convenient, private take-out, and catering options.

Planning Your Event

Our team has supported corporate events for large groups, including those from Amazon, Intel, Google, Facebook, and REI. We’re able to plan events for groups as low as 4 participants and up to 150 team members. We can adapt to whatever specific needs you have for your group and can ensure that every guide on our team is trained and well-versed in various team-building skills and exercises that will bring your employees together.

A whitewater rafting adventure awaits your team to begin your journey to collaboration and success. Our basecamp and knowledgeable guides are the ideal option for your team. Contact our team today at (206) 276-8774 to schedule your next team-building event!

Whitewater Rafting Adventure