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  • Ending 8-8-2021

Inflatable Kayak Wenatchee River Adventure

For the Adventurous & Physically Fit

Quick Details

Person 1 Inflatable Kayak per person

Ready for the Next Level of Whitewater Action?

If you have rafted the Wenatchee River before and you are ready for the next step up in adventure, inflatable kayaking might be for you. Now you can be the captain, first mate, and the engine of your own inflatable kayak! Being in a much smaller river craft, you are closer to the water and everything on the river is that much larger in an inflatable kayak.

Accompanied by one of our trained guides, you will paddle yourself down the wildest parts of the river and have a closer-to-the-water experience. Remember, this adventure is only for those in good physical shape!

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