Water-fighting season has begun on the Wenatchee river!

The long-awaited water-fighting season has officially begun on the Wenatchee River!  This coveted time of the year is the signal that the weather has warmed up substantially in the Wenatchcee River Valley.  With the warmer weather, now is the time to get on the river with friends, family, and/or co-workers and completely soak them to the bone with cold, crisp, clean river water from the Wenatchee River.  This is the perfect time of the season to get on the river; the combination of hot temperatures, great river levels, and the gorgeous veiw of green hillsides makes for an amazingly fun day on the river.  The Wenatchee River is the perfect first-time whitewater river rafting experience for entry-level rafting, yet fun enough that even the seasoned veteran rafter will have an amazingly fun day on the river too.  What other way is there to reconnect with the others in your life, but to get on the river, paddle thru the whitewater, and completely drench your loved ones with a bucket of water over their head?  Remember, there are no cellphones on the river and there is no WI-Fi, so the whitewater river rafting on the Wenatchee River near Leavenworth is a great way to experience life and share memories with the ones in your life you care about.


Don’t forget there is so much more than just a day of whitewater rafting on the Wenatchee River to be done in Central Washington.  The area hosts a wide range of activities such as hiking, kayaking, boating, wine tasting, beer fests, jet skiing, horseback riding,  fishing, or just soaking up the hot, Central Washington sunshine.  The Wenatchee / Leavenworth / Lake Chelan / Ellensburg area is a playground for outdoor activities.  Need a suggestion on the fun to be had in the area?  Call us anytime or email us and our local experts can help you plan an adventure of a lifetime, either on the river or off!

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