Corporate Trips -Wenatchee River

Teamwork paired with the ability to promote, foster team unity, and utilize the team building aspect to maximize the performance outcome is the core of all businesses, both big and small.  Whitewater rafting corporate trips on Wenatchee River has the unique ability to create camaraderie among team members like no other activity.  Our team of river professionals have the ability and skill to bring your team into a new, foreign environment to encourage staff members to work together under our guidance while developing new, trusting relationships.

 As a preferred vendor with Microsoft, we are used to developing  accommodations for the large corporate functions, yet still being able to  adapt the same methods with smaller groups as well.  We have the  ability to work with groups of your team members ranging from groups  of 4 to 150 team members at a time.  After working with such corporate  groups as Amazon, Intel, Google, Facebook and REI, we specialize in adapting to any venue of corporate group and will definitely achieve favorable team building results.

Unlike other whitewater rafting companies on the Wenatchee River, River Recreation is pleased to offer their private picnic spot right on the banks of the Wenatchee River.  All trips include a BBQ lunch, but our Wenatchee River basecamp provides umbrella shaded picnic tables that provide comfortable seating for 130 people.  In addition to the picnic table dining area, River Recreation’s basecamp also has additional seating at it’s in-house made wine bar, hammock corner, and two sets of retired ski-lift chairs. Our basecamp is equipped with two in-door changing rooms, restrooms, free wi-fi, and even outdoor, solar-heated showers for a quick rinse after taking the rafts off the river at our convenient, private take-out.  This private take-out allows our customers to access their vehicles and belongings immediately after their river trip. Check out a collage of pictures of our basecamp below.
Keep in mind that whitewater rafting has the unique ability to bring people together and will provide you with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to immerse a group into a foreign environment and mold them into a fully-functioning team that will also make them capable of translating their on-river experience into a highly productive team. Corporate trips on Wenatchee River will not only create a higher sense of team building, but the outdoor element will rejuvenate your employees making them more productive.  Whether your company is in IT, or blue-collar, we can bring your group of employees together, show them ways outside of the job site to work together, and enhance their overall productivity.